Terms & Condition

By placing an order for repair, estimation, or a free estimate service you certify that you are the devices rightful owner and that you agree and understand the following:

We at Osimar in our service giving you the estimated time and cost before servicing your device. We always try to deliver your device according to given estimated time but, in such uncertain conditions there are possibilities of delay and that would be informed you before such conditions.  

If you want to know anything about your repair status of your device, then you need to contact our customer care, you can write us to our mail or Direct WhatsApp Us for any query.

Repairing or attempting repair on a phone can cause the device not to power on under certain circumstances.

All repair work, attempts, and parts are not refundable. 

If you repair your under-warranty Smartphone with us then we will not be responsible for tore of warranty conditions of your respective brands. 

As a part of diagnosis, we will check your device and based on that we will give you quotation for your device repair. After giving the quotation if you are ready to repair the device means you are liable to pay the bill amount which will be given at the time of delivery of repaired device. If you are not paying the given bill amount then it will lead to non-delivery of your device & in that situation Osimar will take appropriate actions for it.

In case of Dead smartphone repair, there will be data loss of device so in that instances Osimar will not liable for that data lost.

We are not providing any type of guarantee or warranty on any type of repair/replace.

The tempered glass applied on the screen of smartphone by the customer will be removed when it will be undergone the repair by Osimar & in that case Osimar will not liable for tempered glass loss.

Osimar will not be liable for damage/loss of any accessories which is submitted by customer at the time of pickup of your device.

In any type of problem while repairing the device, there are chances of loss of your smartphone data so in that case Osimar will not liable for data loss.  

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